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Typical Tree Trimming Accidents to Avoid

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Proper maintenance, such as regular pruning and tree trimming, can help you maintain the tree’s appearance and condition, which are found on your property. Also, they may be required to be trimmed or cut once they become infected by diseases, pests, or especially if they are dying. Such will be required to be handled by the tree experts. Or else, you may be in a hazardous situation particularly when you’re unsure about the ways of properly handling them. Without the expertise, skills, and knowledge, hedge and tree trimming and shrub maintenance can usually result in injuries. Here is the following danger you can possibly experience while cutting trees. 

Impact injury 

Such injury types usually take place in the case of equipment failures like bucket truck malfunctioning, breaking of a climbing rope, and more. Because of that, it’s really best to leave any tree service Stockton CA that you need to the tree experts to guarantee your safety and for efficient and effective results.  

Stings and bites 

Usually, trees are home to a lot of animals and insects. If you disturb them by cutting off tree branches, for instance, they can possibly attack you. Raccoons, squirrels, and other pests that live in the tree can possibly bite you. Aside from that, ants, wasps, and bees may sting once you don’t pay attention.  

Eye injury 

Shrub care and hedge trimming and cutting a tree trunk or branches can make wood particles and sawdust airborne. They could get into your eyes, causing corneal abrasion and eye infections. Moreover, wood chips and dust that fly out of the equipment as you dispose of the branches or tree stump can hurt your eyes when you’re not careful enough.  

Being struck 

Being hit by a falling limb, branch, or another falling object is a risk that a lot of people fail to consider in terms of trimming trees. Aside from that, you can possibly endanger the people standing below you in case an object falls.  


The possibility of electrocution boosts once you trim a shrub or tree near planted power lines. You may accidentally step on or touch the wires, or a falling branch could knock down the cables, which can certainly increase the instances of extreme injuries to happen.  


Working at heights could really be dangerous. Because of this, fall accidents are pretty usual in terms of cutting trees. Falling off the tree, roof, or a ladder while reaching the hard-to-reach limbs without wearing a proper harness is a possible risk that you have to consider. 

Scrapes and cuts 

When it comes to trimming trees, the most typical kinds of injuries would be cuts. Improper use of equipment and tools like hacksaws, chainsaws, and pruners can lead to cuts. Due to this risk, it is very important to be skilled and educated about shrub and tree care. Apart from that, scrapes usually occur once your skin gets in contact with the tree bark. Dust particles and wood splinters may reach into the wound, which will most likely cause infection. 

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